Pacific Islanders with albinism have limited access to health resources and information about albinism. As a result, their skin is extensively sun damaged by early adulthood and they have no assistance with their vision impairment, which is often within the legally blind range.

This can then limit their education and career choices and they may find themselves having to work in labour jobs out in the sun, instead of predominately indoor occupations.

We want to help educate and assist people with albinism living in the Pacific Islands with the aim of enabling them to help themselves now and in future generations.

The aims of this project are to:

  • Educate Pacific Islanders and people living in the Pacific region about caring for people with albinism, including: health professionals who provide medical assistance; Government officials who can influence access to resources; educators who teach and train people with albinism;  volunteer workers who provide assistance in everyday life; and the general community, friends and family who interact and live with those affected by albinism.  This will be done through workshops run locally in Australia, and in the Pacific Islands. 

  • Provide assistance in determining the appropriate sun protective and visual aids that can assist in improving indoor employment opportunities and the quality of the lives of Pacific Islanders with albinism.  This will be done by supplying samples of products such as sun protective clothing, sun screens, low tech vision aids such as monoculars and magnifying glasses.

  • Encourage a supportive community atmosphere where the origins and effects of albinism are understood and the needs of suffers are supported.